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The Weisstronauts
Control Is In Your Command:
The Best Of: 1999-2012
Deluxe 12-song vinyl LP

After five full-length albums and three EPs, along with a bevvy of compilation tracks and other rare gems, the Weisstronauts have pulled out the stops and compiled their absolute best music in a super-lavish, lovingly-assembled collector's package.

Included for the purchase price is a 12-song LP, pressed on heavy vinyl. The recordings were completely remastered from the original mixes, specifically for the vinyl medium and cut by Jeff Powell on the original Stax lathe (finally, we have a single degree of separation from Isaac Hayes, Booker T & the MG's, Big Star et al...) at Ardent Studios in Memphis. The gorgeous, heavy-stock gatefold jacket was designed by the amazing graphic whiz Jeff Mellin, based around an amateur painting of a spaceship, found by 'Nauts guitarist George Hall. The jacket opens up to reveal a collection of 'Nauts photos, credits, and anecdotes.

To sweeten the deal, the first 100 copies include a unique piece of original artwork, created and signed by a band member. These range from line drawings, caricatures, and crayon sketches, to well, more elaborate fare. You don't get to choose your artwork, but you can rest assured it will be absolutely singular.

Finally, the package comes with a companion CD that contains all 12 songs from the LP, as well as 15 (yes, "fifteen") additional songs from the Weisstronauts' canon. All of these were also completely remastered from the ground up, and sound better than ever.

Die-hard completists, please note... This collection contains TWO previously unreleased Weisstronauts songs, "Handball!" (a live favorite, especially when performed in supermarkets) and the band's rippin' take on the Bubble Puppy classic "Hot Smoke & Sassafras." The latter features the great Mitch Easter guesting on lead guitar and electric sitar and was mixed by the legendary Roger Bechirian (Elvis Costello, Squeeze, the Undertones, etc.) Speaking of Roger, he also deftly remixed "Perky" for this collection, giving it more power and atmosphere than its original 2005 mix.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say that my initiation into the Weisstronauts brotherhood was preceded by some measure of consternation. After all, most of their tunes consist of more than 3 chords played by uber-accomplished musicians. Any anxious feelings were soon put to rest by not only the title of the first song in the rehearsal, "Tabasco Fiasco," but the zen-like patience of the band. I was grateful to be among a sublime group of musician whisperers. At home, safe, at ease, rocking the crap out of it."
    -Neal Spaulding (bass, 2008-present)

19 Something 9

Side A:
Get It Together
Handball! (previously unreleased)
Psychedelic Whiplash
Tabasco Fiasco

Side B:
Jet Pack
Hot Dog City
Perky (2011 Roger Bechirian remix)

CD Bonus Tracks:
Timmy The Smelter
Caixa Dos Moluscos
Mornin' Ma
Last Train To Shartlesville
Odysseus Goes To America
Hot Smoke & Sassafras (previously unreleased)
Cha Cha Ho
Thrifty 2
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Exit Sandman
Movin' Ball

The Weisstronauts
Nineteen Something Nine CD

Is it possible to go back in time, to the year 19 Something 9? The Weisstronauts know for sure it is, and they want to host you on your journey.

Start with some 1989-style hoopin’, then put on your 1959-era straw hat, say hello to the smelter guy (circa 1969), and get ready for a pre-SPF, 1979 kind of sunburn. You can even try on a fedora from 1949, study germ theory from 1999, and then catch glimpses of a vintage 1909 moth collection. True! Just put this disc in your CD player. Or pod-listening- type device. Or... hmmm...

Recorded by Pete Weiss in Vermont and mixed principally by Mitch Easter (Game Theory, R.E.M., Velvet Crush, etc.) in North Carolina. Features an otherworldly post-industrial remix of "Bentley" by two of the sonic architects from the Invisible Rays.

"An insane blend of rock, surf, country, electronica, and whatnot. A jigger of Dick Dale and Rev Horton Heat with just a twist of Combustible Edison. Talking Heads meets Man or Astro-Man in the Squirrel Nut Zippers' living room."
-Foam Totem blog

19 Something 9

Pete's Straw Hat
Timmy The Smelter
Frank's Fedora
Germ Theory
Pure Gold
A Dandy's Moth Collection
Bentley: The Invisible Rays' "More Is More" Remix
19 Something 9 End Theme

The Weisstronauts
In Memphis 2 CD

Seems like the 'Nauts have started a bit of a tradition. Following up on 2009’s critically lauded "In Memphis" EP, the band has rolled out the ingeniously titled "In Memphis 2." Like its predecessor, this one features four new songs recorded almost entirely live at historic Ardent Studios in Memphis during a brief stop on one of the band's tours. Again deftly engineered by Jeff Powell (Big Star, Bob Dylan, Afghan Whigs, etc.), and mixed by Pete Weiss (at Verdant Studio in Vermont), "In Memphis 2" catches the band in another spontaneous and unguarded chunk of time. Songs range from the breezy, dual-12- string chime of “Elation” to the full-on punk/twist of “Tabasco Fiasco” to the jazzy, Five Neat Guys- inspired “Carolina Woman” to the homage-to-Stax “Hot Box.”

In Memphis 2

Hot Box
Tabasco Fiasco VIDEO (live)
Carolina Woman

The Weisstronauts
In Memphis CD

The "In Memphis" EP was recorded almost entirely live at historic Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee during a brief stop in the band's June 2008 tour. Engineered by Jeff Powell (Big Star, Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, etc.), and mixed by Pete Weiss (at Verdant Studio in Vermont), this 4-song EP catches the band in a creative and unguarded chunk of time. The rhythm section of Jeff Norcross and Nathan Logus particularly shine, as do the the spontaneous guitar solos of George Hall, Kenny Lafler, and Pete Weiss. Definitely a new and different kind of Weisstronauts recording, this CD release is strictly limited to 300 "hand numbered' copies..


In Memphis

Last Train To Shartlesville
Cat Burglar
Ode To Billie Joe
Exit Sandman

The Weisstronauts
Instro-tainment! CD

The long-awaited fourth instrumental album from the 'Nauts is sonically broader than ever, featuring plenty on Moog synth, Farfisa organ, fiddle, banjo, and autoharp (in addition of course to the triple electric guitar threat that Weisstronauts fans have come to love so dearly.) Special guests Bow Thayer and Doug Yule (yes, of the Velvet Underground) contribute joyfully to the proceedings.


Seven X's VIDEO
Caixa dos Moluscos
Truck Drivin'
Get It Together
Modsavasana VIDEO
What Goes On?
Banana Suit
Jet Pack
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Surf's Down
Sir Wacky
Back Porch VIDEO

The Weisstronauts
Featuring "Perky" CD

This joins "Jaunty" and "Spritely" as the third and final (?) piece of the Weisstronauts' instrumental trilogy-puzzle. Styles & moods range from distorted, riff-heavy psychedelia to 60's TV theme show-ish, to Brian Wilson-esque melancholia.

Featuring "Perky"

Berlining MP3
Creosote VIDEO
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Uncle Turtle/Johnny Drama
Jade Cow 2005
The Golden Egg
Odysseus Goes To America MP3
Pete's Bucket
I'm Black/Ain't Got No
Thrifty 2 MP3
Frozen Pipe Boogie

Also contains bonus MP3's.

Sooltime CD

"That's a good CD." --Michael Hurley, folk-psych legend



The sophomore album from Sool is comprised of 52 tracks, each about a minute long. Here's the gist of it: Robocop travels the world and pierces listeners' psyches, 10-year-old Timmy Franklin rides his silver-plated scooter to meet the Devil and eventually surfs a tornado up to his own personal azure, a man evokes the Heimlich Maneuver to win the heart of his hippy hostess, guitar lessons are given away for free, Cajun pastries cause massive brain damage, a homeless man yearns to return to the capital of Florida, Christmas comes and goes, and love, lust, and yearning are everywhere from the supermarket to the bottom of a bottle to the tip of a banana.

Sooltime Radio Ad MP3

Also contains an mp3 Sool commentary of the group's first CD.

The Weisstronauts
Featuring "Spritely" CD

The second in the Weisstronauts' instrumental trilogy. Some say it's more "surfy" than it's predecessor.
selected reviews

Featuring "Perky"

Dr. Sanchez (I Presume) MP3
Theme From Jack Coke
Cha Cha Ho MP3
Hot Dog City
Sketches of Andy Pastore
Space Jaunty
Keep Goin'...

Also contains bonus MP3's.

The Weisstronauts
Featuring "Jaunty" CD

"This is the debut full-length release from The Weisstronauts...and we are proud to report that it is a MINDBLOWER." —Babysue zine
"Ventures on rocket fuel." —
"Smacks of gingham and bobbie socks..."
—No Depression

Featuring "Jaunty"

Mornin’ Ma MP3 VIDEO
Movin’ Ball
Nashville Variations VIDEO
Twistin’ in the Living Room MP3
Psychedelic Whiplash
Route 40
Go Down, Moses
Finger Boogie
You’re in Control VIDEO
Crustacean Vacation
Saddle Up! (Weisstronauts' Theme) MP3
Thus Spake Zarathustra

Also contains a Quicktime video.

The Weisstronauts
I'm Dreaming of the Weisstronauts Christmas CD

How many bands debut with a five-song holiday-themed record? To date, this is the only Weisstronauts release that contains a good deal of singing. True!

"... a mix of standards and originals, kicking up a little mischief along the way to keep things interesting. No doubt about it, the Weisstronauts know their Yuletide carols."
--Jonathan Perry, Boston Phoenix

I'm Dreaming of the Weisstronauts Christmas

Jingle Bells MP3
Nuthin' Comin' Good This Christmas
Silent Night
Sweet Baby Jesus
Santa Baby (live)

self-titled CD

Seredipitous collaboration between three old friends/musical penpals. Ranges from shimmery pop to found sounds to conceptual "what the...?"

Sool CD

Same Old Melody
Laughing Under A Tree
Ramekin of Pemmican
Trying Not To Give It All Away MP3
Noodle Man
Sweet Baby Jesus
Bubba Mickey
Korina Moderne
Free Mason
Unloved Kitty

Pete Weiss & the Rock Band
We're An American Band CD

PW&RB conceived of recording an EP of covers (Grand Funk, Beatles, Zappa, T Rex, and Cream, to be exact). Then they conceived of throwing in the rock 'n roll towel. Some pretty decent (and strange) studio tidbits were combined with the covers and --voila!-- a farewell album was born. Actually it's dang good.

We're An American Band

We're An American Band
Jeden Po 909
Bow Tie Daddy
Seagull Woman
Zippah Studio Theme MP3
Boogie Me Timbers VIDEO
Don't Go '99
Pukin' Rap

Also contains a Quicktime video.

Pete Weiss & the Rock Band
self-titled CD

The bizarre, genre-jumping meta-debut from the mighty PW&RB. Includes the jerky synth-jazz instrumental "That There" as featured on NPR's Morning Edition.

Pete Weiss & the Rock Band

Um, this is a 36-track CD.
Track listing is here.

Pete Weiss
Presents the Astounding World of Tomorrow's Modern Hi-Fi Audio CD

The solo debut. A lesson in audio, courtesy of an elocution-prone windbag who inexplicably likes to rock. Contains many "Pete Weiss standards."


The Astounding World of Tomorrow's Modern Hi-Fi Audio

Tomorrow Sounds
Lovin’ Wonder Drug
Hippy Happy Humping at the Howdown
Quick Freeze VIDEO
She Don’t Play My Game Anymore MP3
I Hate Rock and Roll
Vox Wah Wah Pedal
You are the Cactus
Nicotine Queen
Eye Contact
I, I, I
The Human Ear…
Watson, Come Here I Need You
Eighteen Wheels
Staring at the Dark
Bullhorn Redux

A Place To Call Home
Reverse Curve 1999

All profits on this title go to
Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange


Pete Weiss & the Rock Band contribute
"Albatross" (sung by Stephen Fredette).

This is a great compilation that benefits a great cause. Pete Weiss produced/engineered all the tracks on it, by such artists as:
Willard Grant Conspiracy
Baby Ray
Doug Yule (of the Velvet Underground)
Charlie Chesterman & the Legendary Motorbikes
Seks Bomba
John Huss Moderate Combo
Paula Kelley
The Peer Group (the only official release by Peter Prescott's potent late 90's band)
and others...