Pete Weiss and the Rock Band Press Notices

From the folks at Cheeseball (Vol. 1 Issue 13, May 1998):

"Pete Weiss, one of Boston's most intuitive producer/engineers, has unleashed another record onto the unassuming public. This second installment of creative insanity comes in at 36 tracks. A combination of studio creativity, eclectic humor, and the beating of a rock and roll heart make this a uniquely entertaining outing (not unlike their live shows where you don't know what will come next)....You name it and you got it and trust me, you got it good!"

From the Noise, March 1998:

"Slipping silver into my CD player hasn't led to this much fun in a long time. Mayber ever. It's more than an album, more than 36 (count 'em) tracks of audio, more than Pete Weiss's rock bass and vocals, ex-Scruffy the Cat Stephen Fredette's rock guitar, Emily Jackson's rock drums. It's even more than cheesy fake jazz, Pete's mailman, Gertrude Stein, Amazing Grace, and the gut-wrenching story of one maggot's journey to adulthood [and his maker-Ed.]. This ain't a CD, Dorothy, it's a carnival freakshow and you're gonna love every minute of it." -- Matt Magee, The Noise.

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