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We're An American Band
Yes, it's the long-awaited new release/farewell document from Pete Weiss & the Rock Band, a swansong of sorts but also a celebration of the music that makes us want to rock. Yeah, Grand Funk Railroad's perennial anthem "We're An American Band" is on here, along with other rarely-covered gems from rock and roll's past. And of course, there are plenty of Pete Weiss originals. For a more complete rundown, read the ironically-titled News page.

Still available! Pete Weiss & the Rock Band
This critically-acclaimed self-titled release gives us Pete Weiss and the Rock Band at the height of their career. Features 36 high-quality selections including quite a large number of "songs." It's all here: 'Jade Cow,' 'Robert Robbs,' and even 'Maggot.'


A Place To Call Home: a benefit for mass. adoption
This special compilation CD was produced by Pete to benefit the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange. Please support this worthy cause and enjoy the music of many national and Boston area artists including: Willard Grant Conspiracy, Baby Ray, Doug Yule, Charlie Chesterman, Mascott, Prickly, Seks Bomba, The Magdalenes, The John Huss Moderate Combo, Astron Ami, Jeff Mellin, The Purple Flower Gang, Mishima, Paula Kelly (also of Boy Wonder), Weeping in Fits & Starts, The Peer Group, and yours truly, Pete Weiss & the Rock Band.


Special Offer!
Announcing the hi-fi VHS VIDEO HISTORY OF THE BAND! It's called L'Histoire de Pete Weiss & the Rock Band and for $10 postpaid you get you an 87 minute videocassette (VHS Format) of the whole darn thing. [Okay, actually it's no longer available; sorry 'bout that; perhaps we'll eventually put it up on this newfangled "Youtube" site.] Highlights include: TWO music videos directed by lens-genius Chris Bentley—"Quick Freeze" and "Boogie Me Timbers." There is also a lot of good PWRB live footage from the "garage a trois" gig, Stephen and his Telecaster at TTs, Charlie Chesterman sitting in on tambourine, the Alternate Universe Rock Band gig at the Middle East, and of course, tour hijinks...



Noisy Revolution issued Pete's critically-acclaimed "Astounding World of Tomorrow's Modern Hi-Fi Audio" CD in 1996. It contains songs that went on to become Rock Band classics, such as "I Hate Rock and Roll," "Lovin' Wonder Drug," "You are the Cactus," "Hippy Happy Humping at the Hoedown," and others.

"(The Astounding World...) never fails to put a smile on my face. It is truly a kaleidoscope of sounds..." --Stacey Toon, Cheeseball Magazine

Don't miss the Rock Band's epic "You Got My Bandage Off," on this rare, yellow vinyl 7" split single from 1997, a must-have for PW&RB fans and collectors. Also contains one song each by Charlie Chesterman & the Legendary Motorbikes, the Eddies, and Penguin.

Pick up the Rhubarb Records 7" split single featuring PW&RB's "Fill Me In." This the second split single PW&RB participated in in 1997. Also contains one song each by the Paula Kelley Rock Band and Greg Jacobs Rock Band.

Shown on the right is the PW&RB 1997 World Tour "Scary Clown" T-shirt, with original artwork by Stephen Fredette.
[Sorry, we don't have any more of these.]

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